Wilted Lettuce

(This salad uses lettuce, micro-greens sprouts, and green onions from my CSA share. Use balsamic vinegar and real parmesan or Romano cheese. Anything else is boring. And use an extra-large salad bowl in relation to the amount of lettuce you are using to give room to toss.
Leaf lettuce: 1 large head or 2 small heads (washed and dried and torn into bite-size pieces)
Bacon: 4-6 slices (cut into ½ inch dice)
Sprouts, micro-greens or alfalfa: Large handful
Parmesan or Romano cheese, solid chunk grated: at least ¼ cup ((do not use the stuff in the cardboard container with the shaker top; Wegman’s has re-closable packages of grated real parmesan and Romano cheese hanging on pegs in the dairy case that is very good).
Dressing (makes enough for several salads):
Fat from the bacon (mandatory)
Green onions: 4-6 (white and green parts, sliced on the diagonal) or 3-4 Tbsp chopped chives
Sugar: 1 Tbsp
Balsamic vinegar: 1/3 cup (mandatory; don’t substitute any other kind of vinegar; it will be boring)
Water: 1 cup
Ground pepper, freshly ground: ¼ tsp.
Bacon: Fry the bacon in a medium skillet until crisp. Remove from skillet with a slotted spoon onto paper towels.
Dressing: Using the same skillet and keeping all of the fat from the bacon, killet, add green onions if using (if you are using chives, wait), sugar, salt, vinegar, water, and pepper and simmer for 5 minutes. (Don’t boil; you’ll overcook the green onions.) If you are using chives, add them now.
Salad: Put lettuce into extra-large salad bowl. (Use an extra-large bowl to give yourself plenty of room for tossing the salad). Sprinkle on the sprouts (separate them so they are not an intertwined mass) and the bacon. Using a serving spoon, spoon the dressing over the salad 1 spoonful at a time. Using the serving spoon and a serving fork, toss after each spoonful taking care to scoop up the dressing that collects in the bottom as you toss. Stop adding dressing when there are two spoonfuls worth of dressing in the bottom of the bowl after you stop tossing. The point is to coat the salad greens, not drown them. Sprinkle on the Parmesan/Romano cheese and toss, again making sure to scoop up the dressing in the bottom. Serve immediately. Store left-over dressing in the refrigerator and warm it up for your next salad.

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