My version of Copper Pennies

This uses carrots from my CSA share plus parsley and chives from my herb pots by the back steps.

4 large carrots, pealed and thinly sliced (use Cuisinart 2 mm slicing disc)
Fresh parsley (leaves separated from stems and each chopped separately)
Zesty vinaigrette

In a steamer, stem carrot slices until al dente. Put sliced parsley stems in bottom of mixing bowl and place hot carrots on top. Stir in enough vinaigrette to coat the carrot slices and parsley stem pieces moderately. May be served hot, at room temperature, or cold, but in all cases, stir in more vinaigrette just before serving if the carrots have absorbed the first dose. Garnish with chopped chives.

Note: save the water from the steamer and use in soups, or save in a zipper-locked plastic bag that you keep in the freezer into which you add the water/juice from other vegetables. When the bag is full enough, thaw and use all as vegetable stock in soup.

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