Pro Bono SPOTLIGHT: VLSP fundraisers – many hands make light work

Volunteer Legal Services Project’s offices are abuzz with two fundraisers currently under way, the Campaign for Justice and the Art of Lawyering silent auction. With a staff of 11 — most of whom are employed part-time — such an undertaking would be completely overwhelming without the support of dedicated volunteers.
Eileen Buholtz, a partner at Connors & Corcoran PLLC, has volunteered as a caller for every Campaign for Justice phonathon since its inception 26 years ago… The Art of Lawyering gallery is the only one of its kind in Upstate New York. Over 120 pieces of art created by local attorneys, judges and other legal professionals as well as friends and family members of legal professionals are featured, including paintings, pottery, fiber art, quilts, jewelry, photography, wood sculpture and metal sculpture. As with the Campaign for Justice, Ms. Buholtz and Ms. Callahan have supported VLSP’s biennial Art of Lawyering silent auction since its beginning in 2006…. Read more

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