Legal Services

Sidebar_AssocGraphicsConnors, Corcoran & Buholtz, PLLC firm counsel our clients in business and personal matters and represent them in civil trial and insurance law. We help our clients achieve their goals and represent them aggressively in litigation when a law suit is necessary or has been commenced against them.
We counsel our individual and business clients:
  • in the formation and ongoing existence of small business.
  • in buying, selling, or leasing residential real estate.
  • in estates and trust planning and administration.
  • all types of civil litigation including personal injury, breach of contract, and insurance claims
Having stood the test of time since 1928, we have worked with major insurance companies representing their policy holders in law suits on many issues.  Some of the insurance companies who have retained us are:
  • American International Group (AIG)
  • New York Liquidation Bureau
  • Gallagher Bassett
  • Capitol Insurance Company
Given that experience and background, we understand the ins and outs of the insurance industry as well as how to prosecute and defend all types of civil law suits.  Some of the areas of law in which we are proficient are:
  • professional malpractice (accounting, surveyor, podiatric, legal)
  • products liability
  • premises liability
  • automobile negligence
  • construction site accidents
  • unfair debt collection practices
  • employment discrimination
  • insurance coverage
No matter what the subject, whether counseling our clients or representing them in litigation, we provide our services as expeditiously and economically as possible. We also facilitate mediation and negotiation where desirable and appropriate.
Our skill and experience offer financial and strategic benefits to you, and we offer flexible fee arrangements.